SA Ex Instruments was started up in 2004 by Adrien De Becker.

Adrien came to South Africa from Belgium in 2004 and set up the company that was to become SA Ex Instruments, which started trading as a 'dedicated specialist supplier of explosion proof instrumentation' at the beginning of 2004.

To meet a need in the market place, the company moved into the related field of gas detection towards the end of 2005, to further emphasize our focus on personal and plant safety.

SA Ex now also have a network of authorised distributors across South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

All our equipment comes with international approvals by reputable testing houses. Where necessary, additional approval is obtained from a South African government approved testing house.

We do not take short cuts and only sell equipment that is safe to use in your hazardous area and comes with the proper certification.

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