Intrinsically Safe Cell Phones

Why be cut off from the world whenever you're in a hazardous area?

Have you ever considered investing in intrinsically safe cell phones?

Do you know that cell phones are one of the prime reasons why accidents happen in a potentially explosive atmosphere?

That's why their use is prohibited in most plants, but that does bring its problems with it. What do you do if you have to be accessible at all times? Run back to the office all the time?

The answer is much more simple: now you can purchase an explosion proof cell phone.

The intrinsically safe mobile phone and GPS is the first intrinsically safe mobile phone and GPS with an integrated acceleration sensor and GPS for providing dead man‘s alarm and location of workers in emergency situations. The robust housing offers a high level of stability and durability against shocks and is also dust tight and splash proof according to IP64.

intrinsically safe mobile phone with GPS South Africa

The Ex-Handy 05 Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone supports all 900/1800/1900 networks worldwide, so you can stay in touch no matter where you are. It is a stylish new phone with all the features that you would ever need.

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone Ex Handy 05

In noisy areas, you will appreciate the Ex-BT 300 Bluetooth headset, an I.S. headset which can be used in hazardous areas of up to zone 1 in conjunction with a Bluetooth enabled I.S. phone.

As an alternative, the Vib-Ex can be used, an external buzzer with flasher, which will alert you to any incoming calls.

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Especially in an emergency situation when just about every one is on their two-way radios, an intrinsically safe cell phone is invaluable.

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