RI-415 Hydrocarbon Monitor

A portable detector for HC or CH4 with infrared sensor

The RI-415 Hydrocarbon Monitor is a portable HC or CH4 detector with an Infrared (NDIR) type sensor. This sensor style provides accurate detection of HC or CH4 gas levels even in N2 and inert environment. The measuring ranges are 0-100 Volume% and 0-100% LEL, with automatic ranging.

Hydrocarbon Monitor

With the RI-415, you can measure from higher concentration (vol%) to lower concentration (%LEL). It is safe to use in hazardous areas thanks to the Explosion proof design of its detector, whilst the electrical circuit and pump were designed intrinsically safe. It is possible to measure HC or CH4 in N2 or inert gas with the reliable NDIR method.

The RI-415 measures gas concentrations in the tank of LNG carriers and LPG carriers, or in crude oil tankers.

It has an in-built sample draw pump, and operates continuously for approximately 40 hours on its alkaline batteries. Rechargeable NiCads are available as an option. It has a peak hold function with self diagnosis.

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The RI-415 has been designed following the principles of explosion proof and intrinsically safe construction and can therefore be used safely in any environment.

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