Coal Mining Equipment

Enhance coal mining safety ...

We carry a wide range of explosion proof and intrinsically safe coal mining equipment and monitoring, measuring and control instruments.

Volume, temperature, flow, level and pressure measuring

The DAK-025 Intrinsically Safe Flow Indicators can be mounted in any position and monitors the flow of fluid mediums in closed and filled systems.


The UNI Flow Measuring Instruments Monitor the Flow Rate of the medium that is being measured as it flows through a hole inside of the housing and starts to turn the turbine wheel.

flow measuring instruments

The Small Liquid Level Measuring Instruments are used for height and fill level measuring of fluid mediums in pressureless tanks or containers and maintenance free.

Small liquid level measuring

The SMALL Pressure Measuring Devices are Intrinsically Safe, and for pressures up to 1000 bar.

SMALL pressure measuring devices

The SMALL temperature measuring devices measure the temperature of the medium, using a precision centigrade temperature sensor.

SMALL IS temperature meter

The Intrinsically Safe Temperature Switch TS is ideal for monitoring conveyor belt systems.

Temperature Switch

The RV regulating valve is constructed for use as a regulating valve for liquid and gaseous mediums in a filled and closed system. The installation size starts with DN 50 and is able to go up to DN 300.

Regulating Valve

Measuring, Monitoring & Control units and accessories for Ex and non-Ex areas. A range of individual measuring devices, measuring units as well as monitoring and control units especially for customer requirements. We specialise in the area of explosion protection as well as the non-explosion area.


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