The MCT 202 HART communicator

Use it to configure any HART device

The MCT 202 HART communicator is an Intrinsically Safe Configuration and Maintenance Tool for HART® or DE protocol enabled pressure or temperature transmitters. Comprising of the industrial PDA PC i.roc 627 complete with integrated HART®/DE Modem and software applications MC Toolkit and SDC 625.

HART communicator

The MCT202 HART communicator is a mobile configuration tool for all Honeywell ST 3000 series transmitters (pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure) and series STT 250/350 (temperature). With the use of this MCT202 all Honeywell transmitters with integrated DE protocol or HART® protocol can be configured.

The SDC 625 software application utilises DD-IDE/SDC 625 technology and “Open” Tools standard. Each MC Toolkit is loaded with all HART® Device Descriptions files so that any HART® device can be configured – including common, universal and specific device commands. It will also allow vendor specific menus to be run.

The intuitive use of the user interface offers detailed explanations and submenus during the whole configuration procedure.

As well as the normal diagnostic functions the MCT202 HART communicator provides transmitter built-in diagnostic routines. Furthermore, all process data can be shown for troubleshooting, calibration and service inspection routine.

Different departments in your company can use thistool for a variety of needs:

Engineering: Engineers can use this tool during the firstconstruction run or during commissioning in order to definethe starting points to test the complete control loop andafter the first production run it may well be necessary tocheck or to validate some device settings.

Maintenance: After initial operation and first productionrun, the maintenance department assumes responsibility forall intelligent field devicesand for the calibration, configuration, and maintenance thereof.

Production: Normally there is little need to configure orcalibrate data from the production team. However, slightchanges to parameters are sometimes required.

During production the operators are only interested in deviceinformations which enables them:

  • to recognize that the device is working with in specifiedparameters;
  • to recognize that there is no damage.

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Each MC Toolkit comprises of a complete set of HART® devicedescriptions loaded. If the Device vendor has qualified theirdevice description with the HART® Foundation SDC 625 tool,the device description is assured of being compliant with theMCT 202 HART communicator.

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