Discover why you need Intrinsically Safe Instruments in a Hazardous Area

We often get the question whether not using intrinsically safe instruments is really dangerous ...

They say that pictures say more than a thousand words, so please watch this video to see what can happen when you don't take the necessary precautions in a potentially explosive atmosphere:

Note: on a slower internet connection, this video may take a while to load. If that is the case, hit the play button, then pause. This will give the video time to buffer and you will be able to view it without the annoying hiccups. If you have trouble viewing this video above, then please click here

According to an email released by the South African Flameproof Association, this is what happened:

"In the interest of safety we would like to create awareness of unsafe practices. Please click here (above video) to see the footage of a tanker explosion due to the use of a cellular phone.

The lorry is driven into the correct position in the loading bay.

The re-fueller, in white overalls, climbs up on top and opens the dip hatches to see if there is any product still in the compartments.

The front compartment is a bit dark and he cannot see.

He puts his hand into his pocket and takes out his cellphone.

He shines the cellphone light into the open dip hatch which is then followed by an explosion."

So make sure to use explosion protected equipment in a hazardous area.

Remember, it's not because you can't see sparks or flames that it's not dangerous!

If you work in/on a:

  • oil refinery
  • gas to liquids plant
  • offshore platform
  • petrochemical
  • chemical plant
  • power station
  • underground mine
  • steel plant
  • fire brigade
  • confined space
  • water/wastewater treatment
  • or anywhere else where your safety may be at risk

... you need gas detection and/or explosion proof equipment.

Gas detectors are mainly for your personal safety, to make sure that you are alerted whenever a situation becomes dangerous due to the presence of:

  • a lack of oxygen
  • harmful levels of carbon monoxide
  • potentially explosive gases

Intrinsically safe instruments are used to prevent potentially explosive gases or dust deposits from igniting, thereby not only ensuring your own safety, but also that of your co-workers and infrastructure.

Some background on SA Ex Instruments

Since 2004, we have supplied intrinsically safe instrumentation and gas detection equipment to companies such as:

  • Sasol and subsidiaries
  • PetroSA
  • Chevron refinery Cape Town
  • Natref
  • Mittal Steel
  • Highveld Steel
  • BHP Billiton (subsidiary)
  • AngloGold Ashanti (Ghana)
  • Eskom
  • Telkom
  • Sonangol (Angola)
  • AECI and subsidiaries

SA Ex Instruments (Pty) Ltd has an office in Cape Town, as well as an extensive network of authorised distributors in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

Explosion protection is a complex field. Make sure you use safe equipment when working in a hazardous area.

Your life depends on it!

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